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REFORRESTATION – Interested Volunteers?????

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Asana Viebeke Lengko

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2003 11:04 pm    Post subject: REFORRESTATION – Interested Volunteers????? Reply with quote

HI All,
This a one of the program of Recovery Bali – REFORRESTATION – Interested Volunteers????? Please Contact Viebeke. We will ask the Tour Operators to help us with transporatation to the site – I will have to know ow many people are interested to come and plant the trees together with the community of Desa Catur – we will need about 1500 people to plant 50.000 trees – and we have already around 1000 people from the community and volunteers.




1. Title:
The planting of Segehe Forest at Desa Pakraman Catur, Kintamani-Bangli.

2. Organizer:
Bendesa Desa Pakraman Catur; Chairman of the Balinese Adat Society Alliance (Ketua Aliansi Masyarakat Adat-Bali) at: Desa Pakraman Catur Sub-district Kintamani, Regency of Bangli.

3. Contact Person
Bendesa Adat Catur
* Mr. Nyoman Suetha Telp. 0366-51544 (Kantor Desa)
Hp. 08179706857
E-mail :
* Denpasar Area Coordinator: I Made Nurbawa
Telp/Fax : (0361) 242447 Hp. 0818557532
E-mail :

* Steering Committee: Asana Viebeke L
Hp. 0811395188
0361-751281 and 752273

4. Background
Desa Catur is located in West Kintamani, approximately 69 Km from Denpasar via Sangeh - Pelaga - Catur or approximately 80 Km via Payangan - Kintamani - Catur (two (2) hours from Denpasar). It is located 1140m above sea level, and situated between Desa Tambakan (Buleleng Regency), Belok Sidan (Badung Regency) and the Bedugul Forest (Tabanan Regency).
Geographically, this village is located in the cross-point of four regencies located in the mountains of Central Bali, and is the location of the upper reaches of the river that flows through the four regencies in Bali, such as the Ayung River, that flows through the Regencies of Gianyar, Badung and Denpasar; and the Daya River that flows through the Buleleng Regency. In other words, this area is the green belt, the water absorption area that must be preserved. It should also be noted that this mountain range is Bali's last fort of natural (forest) diversity.
The presence of society's awareness on the importance of preserving the forest and river basin is manifested in the planting of fifty thousand (50.000) trees in the Segehe Adat Forest still within the Desa Pakraman Catur area. This forest is approximately 67Ha wide, with a decreasing density due to illegal felling of trees.
5. Purpose
a. Preservation of green belts in the Central Bali mountain river basin.
b. The recovery of the Segehe Adat forest conditions in the Central Bali mountain range
c. Sense of ownership and responsibility of all parties with respect to the conditions of the forests in Bali.
d. Develop positive collaboration patterns from all parties in implementing natural resources conservation activities.
e. River basin preservation actions, in an effort to preserve water resources for the Island of Bali in the future.

6. Activities involved:
The planting of fifty thousand (50.000) trees in the Segehe adat forest in Desa Pakraman Catur, Subdistrict of Kintamani, in the Regency of Bangli. The type of plant to be planted is: Ampupu, which has been provided by the Forestry Department.

7. Time:
The planting will be done on Wednesday, January 8, 2003, at 10.00 hours wita.

8. Technical Details:
a. Planting will be done by volunteers from various social elements namely: the adat society, nature lover groups, government agencies, the private sector, universities, NGOs, individuals, etc.
b. In order to facilitate coordination and preparations, the Committee will be divided into two parts namely: the Desa Adat Committee, located at the Desa Adat Catur, and the Volunteer Committee, beyond the Desa Adat Catur, located in Denpasar.
c. The committee shall only provide snacks and drinks throughout the activity. Transportation, consumption and accommodations shall be on the account of each participating individual and volunteer groups.
d. Responsibilities:
Desa Adat Catur Committee:
1. Prepare and implement the 'Matur Piuning' Ceremony
2. Prepare guides
3. Prepare equipment such as hoes and sickles
4. Provide seedlings
5. Coordinate adat locals and volunteers in the planting of trees
6. Prepare snacks and soft drinks throughout the activity.

Denpasar Committee
1. Recruit and Coordinate all volunteers
2. Prepare all types of information and publication materials
3. Prepare health services
4. Prepare technical directions for volunteers
5. If possible, the committee shall provide limited transportation.

1. All participants are expected to be in perfect health and physical condition, as planting will take place 2 Km-s from the main road, by foot.
2. Participants are requested to bring field equipment such as boots, raincoats, water-proof caps, small bags for food and water.
3. All participants shall refrain from throwing inorganic wastes (plastic, tins, etc), in the forest. Participants however, are requested to pick up inorganic wastes seen in the forest.
4. Participants may reach the planting location (Segehe forest) by asking directions to locals or read the directions prepared by the committee.
5. Throughout the journey to and from the location, all participants are requested to be careful because the roads are hilly, winding, and slippery and the air, foggy.
6. All participants are requested to honour local values and traditions.
7. Bearing in mind that the Segehe Forest is a sacred forest, obscenities, and damaging acts are prohibited
8. Those having their menses are requested not to participate. Other forms of support are welcome.
9. Do not forget your identity cards.

Desa Pakraman Catur, 24 December 2002

Nyoman Suetha
Bendesa Pakaraman Catur


Chairman : Nyoman Suetha (Bendesa Adat Catur)

Steering Committee : Ir. Ketut Rantia Dinas (Forestry Office of the Province of Bali)
Ir. Nyoman Silanawa (Forestry Office of the Province of Bali)
Nyoman Suarnatha (Head of Desa Catur)
Asana Viebeke L (Parum Samigita)

Bangli Area Coordinator : Nyoman Suetha
Denpasar Area Coordinator : Made Nurbawa
Transportation Coordinator : Wayan Suarembawa
Logistics Coordinator : Nyoman Sukataya
Documentation Coordinator : Agung Putradyana
Publication Coordinator : Portalica
Administration Coordinator : Agus Sujoko
Volunteer : Artadana

Supported by a number of agencies and volunteers


Background : White
Paint : Attractive colours
Length : Four (4) Metres
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